Nubia Skincare


"I received my first bottle of Nubia Gentle Touch lotion and I love it! I have dry skin and it's hard to find lotions that feel like they actually work, especially in the winter months. It leaves my skin feeling very moisturized so far for at least 12 hours. The scent is natural and mild, perfect for the summer time to avoid attracting bugs. Did I mention it's black owned! The only question I have is when can I get a travel bottle for my purse!!!! Thank you so much NGT!" - Chelsea A.

"I've used it to combat the dryness in hands which I usually deal with around this time of year. A dab will do you, trust me on that." - Carl H.

"The lotion works great as a makeup remover for the days you forget to restock! Just take a little water and small amount of lotion, wash it in and rinse clean. All the oils loosen the makeup right off. And your face feels moisturized and super clean. Thanks Nubia" - Lisa M. 

"I look how soft and smooth it makes my skin feel." - Tiffany J.

"I'm in love! I'm all about natural products and I've found a lotion that has nothing but greatness inside." - Gabrielle G